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Hello all!

Firstly, I’m sorry that I missed a post last week but I promise I have a legitimate reason! For the last 6 months myself and Meggo Photography, along with an amazing team of writers and cosplayers have been putting together a cosplay bookagazine (hate this “word”) based here in the UK.

The Cosplay Journal is a coffee table type magazine that focuses on the art, craft and diversity within the UK community, promoting Cosplay for All. Everyone, no matter who they are, should be able to feel that they can get involved! We put cosplayers of colour, LGBTQA+ cosplayers, plus size cosplayers, disabled cosplayers and cosplayers over 40, front and centre of The Cosplay Journal to show that the scene is diverse and open to all. We hope to encourage more people to start cosplaying, as many may have felt they do not fit into the mold that is often promoted by mainstream media, or have been put off by abuse online (not from the cosplay community predominantly).

My mission statement from the get go was to create something that people would be inspired by but what was inspiring them was attainable. We didn’t want to show them aspiration that they could never achieve, we wanted people to pick up The Journal and go “oh wow, they look like me! I can do this too!”. The representation of all kinds of people and skills is so important and helps people see themselves as completely capable of achieving things that for whatever they may not have done before.

We also intend to show the amazing level of crafts, artistic talent and effort that people put into making their costumes as we believe that cosplay has as much skill as any creative field. Cosplayers are artists, designers, tailors, armourers, wig makers, make up artists and so much more all rolled into one. There are so many different types of crafting and artistry involved in cosplay that everyone will be able to find their niche, just need to know it’s there. Cosplay isn’t all one thing and you don’t have to be able to do everything; but you also don’t have to specialise, you can do everything in your own way and in your own time. I really wanted to show that the range of skills is just as varied and diverse as the people making and wearing the costumes. You can do everything from leatherwork to puppetry, prosthetics to fine hand embroidery and it’s all cosplay. There is, quite literally, no wrong way to do it!

Since this all started last August I have been working no stop. There was so much more to do than I had ever imagined; I had a very steep learning curve to climb. But I strapped on my crampons and headed off into the unknown; gathering cosplayers, finding locations, organizing shoots, hiring writers and writing articles myself, sorting out all the social media (and running it!), doing tones of market and design research and basically managing the whole project on track so that we can go to print at the end of March/being of April.


It’s been a massive undertaking and I cannot thank the people who have been supporting enough. And this is going to sound like an award speak, so sorry about that, but I really do feel like I’ve won something with how this has all come together!

Honestly I think my Mum deserves a freaking award for how much she has had to put with, opening up her house to shoots and cosplayers. She has supported me so much.

My wonderful photographer and partner in crime Meg has been a constant source of inspiration and pushed me to make this best it can possibly be, while holding my hand the whole time.

The writers, models and designers who have all come on board for free, have helped keep me grounded, I think without them I would have exploded through the stress of it all! The whole team is made up of people who have been cosplaying or involved in cosplay for many years and all of them have a passion for the hobby that they want to share and promote.

It would be amazing if you guys could support us by following us on:
Facebook – The Cosplay Journal

Instagram – @thecosplayjournal

Twitter – @cosplayjournal

And check out our website:

We will be posting loads of behind the scenes photos from our location shoots for issue one, as well as sneak peaks at articles and the production of the Journal.

Issue one goes to print at the end of March and will be available online to buy as a physical or PDF edition on our website as well as being available at conventions throughout the year (and hopefully a few comic shops).


Thank you guys, I’ll be posting proper blog updates again next week all work allowing. Also if you are interested I am now writing fortnightly on Down The Tubes as their Cosplay Columnist (which is also taking up time!) and my first interview for The Chap magazine is in the next issue which you can get THIS WEEKEND from WH Smiths and on their website! If you are following my Patreon that article will being going up on Saturday in the $7+ reward category, and all future pieces for The Chap, Down the Tubes, The Cosplay Journal and this blog will be going up in various reward levels of my patreon before they are available anywhere else! Oh gosh!

You can now follow me on Instagram @lilnonbinaryfashion and on twitter @lilistprince. I will be posting daily looks on both of these, and chatting about life as a nonbinary person. Oh and Star Wars.

As always if you like what I’m doing here, please support me on Patreon for just $1 a month.

Or if you like what I’m doing please you can buy me a cuppa on Ko-fi!

‘Olly Out!

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The Cosplay Journal Logo by Redwood Creations

Written by Holly Rose Swinyard

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