Ray Gunn and Starburst – The World is in Peril! Or at least we are…


Do not fear gentle readers, this is your regular fashion blog! It’s just a little different week, due to some very exciting news! I have been nominated in the Audio Verse Awards for best Writer (woo) and best Production!

So…Welcome to the exciting world of Ray Gunn and Starburst!

For those of you who don’t know, I write a science fiction comedy adventure, playing with the tropes of sci-fi from the classic shirt ripping heroes to the idea that time travel makes any sense!

Set in the year 2005 (as all the best sci-fi classics are), newly divorced, Raymond Gunn finds himself lying flat on his back in some seedy bar, on some seedy asteroid, in some seedy corner of the galaxy, when suddenly Starburst, a teenage girl and her AI, S.U.I.T (Survival Utility Intelligence Technology) burst into his life, with adventure, heroism and maybe a bit of blackmail on their minds. Cue the beginning of the rest of his life. Will he manage to become a hero? Will Starburst break away from her shady past? Will the narrator actually be allowed to finish a story without irritating protagonists interrupting?

Well if you want to know the answers, you can download all TWELVE answers on our website (click here), as well as on iTunes (or click here), for FREE! Could it get any more exciting? Oh, since you asked, yes it can! We’ve been nominated in this year’s Audio Verse awards and we need all the help we can get as you, the wonderful general public, are in charge of who wins and who falls into a pit of teeth and tentacles in true scifi style by voting for your favourites.

So, please download the show (for FREE) and then vote for us here on the Audio Verse website.

Normal service will resume next week, as I have to go and pen some new shorts to go along with the awards!

And if you are following my patreon then I will be releasing next week’s article early to you AND posting a sneak peak of an interview I’ve done for Modern Magazine.

Please consider downloading the show and giving your support to all the amazing people who have worked so hard on it over the last two and half years.


‘Olly Out!


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Written by Holly Rose Swinyard

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